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TubeBuddy Review: A Chrome Extenshion Which Help You Do Better Video SEO.

Tubebuddy Review: A very comprehensive review of Tubebuddy chrome extension.

Use TubeBuddy To Rank #1 on Google

If you have a YouTube Channel and tired of getting no traffic from YouTube or Planning to launch a YouTube Channel So, Stop this could be the most important article which you are Reading Right Now.

The tool I am going to share with you helps you optimize your videos SEO friendly and grow your YouTube channel.

It isTube Buddy, and it encompasses countless powerful features that help you do better SEO of your Youtube videos. It will enable you to get more out of YouTube. And one of the best parts is that all the features will show inside your normal YouTube interface.

Tube Buddy is Basically a chrome extension. So, you don't need to close your window and go through on any other SEO tool or extension.

This tool is free, but if you wanna use premium features So then you can buy premium deals. But it's free features are more than enough for Video SEO.
Does TubeBuddy Cost?

TubeBuddy has both licenses Free and Pro. Pro licenses have 3 tiers which are the following :

Tube buddy vs VidIQ An Ultimate Comparision 2019.
  • Tags Explorer – Find the trending tags for your Youtube videos.
  • Publish To Facebook – Publish your videos automatically as native Facebook videos.
  • Competitor Scorecard – Help you keep an eye on your competitors.
  • Brand Alerts – You will get notifies whenever someone mentions your channel.
  • A/B Testing – A/B Testing, test you Description, Tags and Thumbnails.
  • Best Time To Publish – Either show you the best time to publish your videos which pursues your audience.
  • Gif Generator – Automatically generate a Gif for a special part of your video.
  • It explores the Tags of videos on the side of your ordinary YouTube interface
Tags are very important elements to do video SEO. You probably know how important Google keyword planner tool is for traditional SEO. This Tag explorer brings that same power to Youtube.
so become able to find the right keywords is a very big deal and which leads you to plenty of views.
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3 pro plans of tubebuddy

The Free plan is missing out on some exciting features like Native Facebook Publishing, A/B Testing, and bulk processing. And some of the features are limited and less effective.

You can freely use the free features of TubeBuddy and they are more than enough to manage and optimize your youtube videos.

Tube Buddy Features – What Does Tube Buddy Do.

How To Add TubeBuddy Extension to Chrome.

Add tube buddy extension to chrome is very easy. Here we made a step by step Tutorial that How to add TubeBuddy chrome extension to Google.

Tags Explorer Make Your YouTube Videos Rank Higher.

Tag explorer tool of tubebuddy

Tags are very important for a Video to get higher ranking on Youtube,

This feature gives you a great idea about keywords that help you choose the right keywords for your business.

All you wanna do is to enter your keyword and it will suggest you the best tags for your keywords.

A/B Testing – Find The Best Title, Description, etc.

Another powerful SEO optimization tool is included in Tube Buddy. A/B Testing encompasses the same principles which are used to optimize a video as video SEO.

A/B testing feature of tubebuddy

You can use A/B Testing to optimize your Title, Tags, Description, and Thumbnails and, help you use effective options for your video.

A/B Testing feature Will only be available when you purchase a paid license!

Best Time To Publish Video -
Engage Content With Subscribers.

Either show you the best time which pursues your subscribers. At which your subscribers watch videos more effectively.

This gives you a comprehensive guide gives you where you should publish your video? and why you should upload a video at that time.

By publishing your video at the right time, so you can maximize your views you get on a new video.

TubeBuddy shows best time to publish YouTube videos.

It also suggests that on what time you should upload your video in order to engage video with the audience.

Brand Alerts Monitor Who’s Talking About You On YouTube.

You can create Alerts On a specified phrase, that way when somebody upload video related to that phrase so, you will get notified.

Then you can see their tags spy your competitors and stay ranked higher than them.

This feature is only available when you upgrade your license least to Pro!

Publish To Facebook -Take Advantage Of Native Facebook Videos.

TubeBuddy Makes it simple to publish video on Facebook. And the exciting part of this feature is that TubeBuddy shares your video as Native Facebook Video, not a Youtube video.

Bulk publish to Facebook

This feature helps you do social media marketing by sharing your video on Facebook and drive traffic to your youtube videos.

My Opinion... 

If you have a Youtube Channel and tired of getting no results from SEO or planning to launch a Youtube Channel So, I highly recommend you to use the TubeBuddy Chrome extension for your Youtube Video SEO.

It doesn’t need to upgrade your Tube Buddy to Paid License. Because the free license of TubeBuddy is enough to do Youtube Video SEO but if you want to upgrade your license so that’s great you will explore very exciting features of tube buddy.

I hope you have read the entire Review of TubeBuddy chrome extension. And If you think this comprehensive review is helpful for you So, express your thoughts by commenting and sharing.

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