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Marketing Process Made Simple - The Step By Step Tutorial.

Marketing Process :

The process of Marketing involves identifying and analyzing customer wants and providing the desired product which fulfills customer satisfaction. In the marketing process, the process is refined to find opportunities to sell the product and to grab costumers attention.

The marketing process is defined in this Gif :

1. Situation Analysis Step : 

In starting a marketing campaign first you have to observe your current situation, it's mean to realize at what stage you are currently Is?

Then plan your marketing strategy according to your current condition. In short, the situation analysis means to understand your own capabilities and to understand the surrounding in which the company is operating.

2. Marketing Strategy:

Identifying a marketing option, and, analyzing your situation make a strategy which pursues your identified option. When An analysis is done and marketing option has taken; a plan or strategy made for that option. Marketing Strategy is basically a plan which drives traffic to your business.

3. Marketing Mix Decision:

This step elaborates tactical decisions made for the controllable parameters of the marketing mix. It also includes decisions related to product placement, product pricing, product packaging and product promoting.

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4. Implementation:

Marketing is something waste until you implement it. Marketing transforms the written or planned strategy into physical actions, which represents the market through this process.

Identifying Customer Needs:

It involves discovering what is demanded by consumers and what quality they are expecting and what price they will be willing to pay for the product. And what after sales services they want. In short, show customers the product which should be relevant to their needs.

Satisfying Customers:

This requires providing them with the product which is up to the quality standard desired by consumers at a reasonable price at the right places which consumers can easily access.

Maintaining Customer's Loyalty:

After the customer's need is satisfied the business must keep good relations with customers, by providing them excellent services, like customer care or make a helpline, etc. Winning the hearts of customers is the real success of marketing activity. It also means to develop trust in your audience that you have the product of they are searching for.

It is asking them about their feedback and review about the product and not only this, seeking customer's advice is essential to make customers loyal to your business.

Gain Information About Customers:

Functions Of Marketing Process:

There are four main functions of marketing which marketing department carried. A marketing director is responsible for the following tasks

1. Sales

The marketing department is entrusted with the due responsibility of achieving the desired level of sales of a product. The sales department is the sub-branch of the marketing department.

2. Market Research:

Market research is carried out to identify customer needs, market trends, consumer tastes, consumer spending pattern competitors’ actions, and market changes, etc.

This information gathered through market research. The major use of it is product development which also defines product specification or qualities of the product. It also determines the pricing strategy, promotional strategy and sales strategy used. Good market research plays the role of a bridge to a product's success.

3. Promotion: 

There is a marketing budget reserved for promotion. Promotion is the key to increase sales. Promotion includes price reduction (discounts), gifts, BOGOF.

It is the process of supplying product to the market to make it accessible to customers. It is very important to do research about the market before distributing your product. Because launch the quality product in a small market can decrease the reputation of the product.

After doing all this work, the one factor on which every marketing industry should focus on is:

Anticipating Customers Needs :

It also means to expect what your costumers need

The appropriate changes should be made in the product its self and the services provided by the business to fill the market gaps.

After being successful in this process the marketing does not end. It is very important to understand these objectives.

Raise customer awareness about the product of the business.

It is the main purpose on which marketing companies highly focus and use thousand's of strategies to build awareness in the peoples about their product. Most of the companies use social media for this purpose because social media has plenty of customers who are searching for their needs.

Increase sales revenue and profitability.

These are the expectations of every marketing industry because they are investing in marketing to increase their sales so, which generates more revenue for them and acquire their business to become profitable.

Increase or maintain market share.

This point means to say, that maintain the pricing of the product. The pricing of the product should maintain again and again in a few days. Because if you don't maintain your product price so, people will ignore your product and you lost your customers.

Maintain or improve the brand image of the product or business.

Peoples always buy products from trusted places, and if you wanna attract customers to your product, so, you should make the brand of your business. There are many ways to which make your business profile descent, even you can use social media marketing for this.

Because right now Social Media has plenty of traffic and what you have to do? Is to convert Social Media Traffic into your customers.

Enter new local or foreign markets.

This means to launch your product in a foreign market, so, that way it would increase your product demand and increase your sales.

This is a very golden chance for you to explore your product in a foreign market because in a foreign market or in the new local market's peoples are very freaked to buy a product, which makes a very blunder opportunity for peoples to explore their product.

Develop new products or improve the existing ones.

In making a product you have 2 options :

  1. Modify an existing product.
  2. Launch a new product

If you are modifying an existing product so take a measure that your modification makes sense and should give the product a different look from product making till packaging.

But, if you are going to launch a new product, so you should be a very open-minded person. First, you have to measure your product level and then choose a market regarding its level.

But, if you launch you launch your product in the wrong market so it might decrease the product reputation.

I Hope you have got the main idea of this article.

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