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What Are Backlinks? - An Ultimate (Case Study).

An Ultimate data driven Case Study on backlinks.

What are Backlinks and How Do they work?

Backlinks are incoming links which generate when one website links to another website.

They play a very important role in the ranking of a website. Backlinks have a very big impact on SEO ranking.

Because when the search engine understands that this content is worth linking. So then the search engine promote it and, the website increases its search visibility.

It is very difficult to understand the backlink for new bloggers, even me when I was new to blog, I struggled very long time to understand it but you don,t wanna be worried about it because after reading this blog you would get all the information about backlinks, and you will be able to make it too

Why Backlinks Are Important?

Backlinks are important because they matter so much in the search engines Algorithm.

In short, Backlinks determines search engine that the site in which they are located has quality content and requesting a Search Engine to improve the site ranking.

In the  most common search engines most likely in  Google, Bing, Yahoo they mostly give credit to the website by ranking them those at the top of the page of the search queries.

Backlinks are important for SEO because they represent a vote from one site to another, by which Google understand that the site which has many backlinks have some interesting that way google rank them at the top results.

How Do They Work?

Backlinks are the votes for the website, which try to make the search engine understand that the site has quality content and which deserve the promotion.

How Backlinks Are Created?

I know this is the main topic of which many peoples are searching for, that how do backlinks create.

Backlinks are created when one website link to another / or when a website refer to another, I know are still confused, So this is an example I have for you.

What Are SEO Backlinks Examples?

For example, if someone uses my content /or my link on his website So it means I get a very great backlink on my website, which increases my website ranking.

The second Example I have for you is useful but impact very low in SEO Ranking as compare to first one but it also useful for ranking, which is; share your content on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Even in Snapchat.

I refer you to use Linkedin for your social media marketing because on Linkedin it is very easy to rank and develop your audience quickly.

Social Media Marketing plays a very low role in SEO ranking but after at all, it is useful.

How Do I Get High-Quality Backlinks?

Tips to Get High-Quality Backlinks?

1) Write quality Content relevant to a high volume website and refer them in your post.

2) Write Competitive content.

3) Connect Social sites.

4) Comment on other relevant blog posts, so maybe you get a backlink from them.

5) Share your content with high volume pages, where you think peoples are in need.

Are Backlinks still Important in 2019?

In 2019 the level of backlink is very low, because, in the latest update of Google, they announce some changes in their algorithm, and a blunder update they announce is "Reciprocal Links", and it is also predicted that the level of Backlinks might be slow down in 2019, due to the increasing fame of reciprocal links.

What is a Good Quality Backlink?

A Good Backlink Consist Of The Following Elements :

1) A good Backlink must be of SEO friendly Website.

2) A good backlink must be of relevance with you.

3) Must be of a trusted site.

4) Should be of an authority site.

How do I Check My Backlinks On Google?

Free Backlink Checker :

If you wanna get some idea about your backlinks so you can use a tool namely BuzzSumo which gives you information about your some main backlinks of your website, you can also know about your competitor backlinks on this tool you can not trust this tool 100 percent but it shows 80 percent real data.

Paid Backlink Checker :

Ahref tool is the best tool to explore backlinks of your website even also of your competitor.
This tool is used by expert marketers and influencers. Ahref tool is expensive but it is very usefull for blogger

This tool also offers you some other feature like keyword research, Rank tracking, content research, web monitoring, and some other features.

This Backlink Checker gives you  real and trustable data.

How do I find My Competitor Backlinks?

Ahref tool has another exciting feature which is competitive Analysis. In this feature you just want to put an url and either show you all the secret information about your competitors.

Andhelp you know why your competitors are ranking higher than you.

BuzzSumo also has a feature to explore competitor backlink which is free so you can also use Buzzsumo for finding competitor Backlinks.

How Long Do Backlinks Take To Show Up?

Backlinks Normally take 48 hours or 2 days to show up but some times, it often takes 3 to 4 days to show up backlinks.

But in SEO Ranking it takes most commonly 10 weeks to push the ranking of your website.

How Many Types Of Backlinks Are There In An SEO :

Do Follow Backlink :

This type of Backlinks allows Google and other search engines to follow them to reach their website and giving us a backlink.

Do follow backlink count toward SEO Ranking. Getting a good backlink should be the goal of your website.

No Follow Backlinks :

Now Follow Backlinks Don,t  impact on Google SEO Ranking and they are not so important to build. It can be created by the HTML tag.

Things You Should Know Before Generating Do Follow Backlinks.

Check The reputation of the site before getting a Do Follow Backlinks, because it may be of a spammed site.

  • A backlink from the site is relevant to you.

  • Backlinks from the site have tons of links.

  • The site which is giving a backlink to you has not associated with any spam.
You can use Serpstat tools to analyze a domain and get all the information about it Backlinks.

Serpstat tool also has many other features like keyword overview domain referring to your competitors etc.

This tool also gives you information about your competitors, which gives you Some idea that what your competitors are doing.

When To Build Backlinks?

Before Building links you have to view your site as a professional point of view, indicate all your mistakes and correct them to make your site SEO friendly.

Making your site like a professional means design your theme as a professional.

You can also add your personal profile at the corner of your home page with some great words.

So that way the person who visits your site to give you a backlink will impress with your work and feel free to link with you. Then Ask other websites to link with you.

Final Words

This Guide is the Advanced Case study on Backlinks and I hope that after reading this Case study guide your doubts are cleared.

And you are able to build high quality Backlinks which help you rank your articles higher.

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