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How To Earn Money From YouTube Channel. || YouTube videos.

  How To Earn From YouTube Channel.

YouTube - is the second largest search engine in the world..

YouTube :

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world,where people come to explore their searches and to get some help.User of YouTube could upload ,share and view content.
The internet domain name was Originated in America by the PayPal employees.

Earning From YouTube :

YouTube has become a business for peoples, In which peoples explore their creativity and get earning from YouTube  through placing the ads in their videos, All this earning procedure starts when your channel is monetized on YouTube; the requirements of monetization ;
Are these,  
Rules of Monetization

1- Your channel must have 10000 views after adding all your videos views.

2- Your channel has watch time of 4500 Hours watch time in the previous 12 month

3- Your channel have at least, 1000 subscribers.

4- Your channel has not subjected to any copyright claim or copyright strike.

When a channel completes all these requirements, YouTube checks these which may take a while. If the channel is authorized by these requirements YouTube approved your monetization request, then YouTube places an ad on your video by which you could earn.

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